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Manufacturing design

We access facilities with staff qualified in mechanical engineering with skills in process design, plant layout, plant design and materials handling.

'Solid Edge' computer-aided drafting and design software is used. All drawings are created from
3-dimensional computer models for accuracy.

What we can arrange

We access a design office which carries out the following types of work, mainly in connection with projects having substantial mechanical equipment content and predominately in the Screening and Crushing areas.

Although these are their specialist areas, they are not limited to them and will undertake other projects as requested:

  • Mass flow diagrams and calculations
  • Process flow sheets and design
  • On-site measurements etc
  • Actual plant design and engineering
  • Site layouts and preliminary plant design
  • Product research and development
  • Detail design and drawing of mechanical plant and equipment - workshop drawings
  • Specification of mechanical items
  • Procurement of plant and equipment
  • Supervision of manufacture, construction, erection, start-up and commissioning as required

Our staff constantly liaises with the manufacturing company and workshop staff to produce the best possible conclusion to each project undertaken. Every effort is made to keep up with new technology and developments within our field.

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