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RIPPER VSC: Overview

The Ripper VSC™

A revolutionary patented design for reduction in the waste wood and recycling industry.

The Ripper VSC™ (Vertical Shaft Cutter) is a primary grinder, shredder and screening plant all in one compact unit.


Easily interchangeable horizontal and vertical screens with large range of apertures available.


Material fed into the hopper is constantly agitated to break loose fines and contaminants. Approximately 80% of these fines and contaminants exit through the screens without making contact with the VSC. This results in a significant reduction wear and operation cost.

Steel Contamination

As with any recycling of products today contamination is an issue. The Ripper is extremely tolerant to tramp steel due to its unique action cutting away from the screens.

Power Unit

A range of diesel engines is available to suit various applications. Spacious engine bay to enable the operator to undertake service work in comfort.


To reduce radiator blockages an auto reversing, temperature sensing hydraulic driven fan is fitted.


In addition to standard safety features the Ripper may be fitted with a tipping chute and bonnet to retain material and reduce air contamination. To further increase safety, the unit is operated via a radio remote control.


Designed to slice efficiently through material absorbing less horsepower, the strong blades can withstand striking most contaminants and tramp metal. However, they are designed to be sacrificial and break, preventing serious damage to more expensive components. A range of blades are available to suit the variety of products the Ripper is capable of processing and can be changed in minutes.

» To find out more, visit the Ripper VSC™ website.

Visit the Ripper VSC™ website

Ripper VSC™ cutting chamber

Spacious engine bay

Blade and blade holder

Interchangable screens

Large-capacity radiator

Radio-controlled tipping chute